For a grand relaunch, Di Marco chooses a major trade fair on the international food & beverage scene: we are talking about Anuga 2023, but let's start at the beginning and go in order. The invention of the Pinsa in 2001, with its distribution first for professionals only and then for large-scale retailers in 2020, represented a huge innovation for the baked goods industry. Di Marco revolutionized the approach to the pizza world with a new product that was light and digestible, low in fat and sugar, and soft inside and crispy outside. His product, Pinsa Romana, has become a symbol of Roman identity and of Made in Italy, with a global success and a projection for the next two years on the Italian market that looks extremely inviting! 
In recent years, Di Marco has made himself known to the consumer with the Nuvola brand, reaching the second place in retail in a short time. The opportunity to make his invention grow in Italy and abroad has brought about a rebranding operation that are launched in these days in Anuga (Cologne). The restyling of the logo and the updating of the image keep a stylistic link with the past, but are also aimed at reinforcing the value of the brand’s Italian identity and at giving relevance to Corrado Di Marco, the inventor of the Pinsa, as well as the company's testimonial.
After years of working behind the scenes, with the passion and experience of a lifetime, he has decided to "put his name on it too" and offer his image, genuine and engaging, as a guarantee of an excellent product. But the changes are only just beginning: different versions and sizes of Pinsa Romana Di Marco are being presented to large-scale retail consumers. In Italian and multilingual (specific for export products) 1- or 2-piece packs, there are the chilled Classic and Multigrain versions, the room temperature Classic, the new frozen Classic with an 18-month shelf life, and the new Snack - the little ones designed for appetizers, desserts, or for children - both in the chilled and room temperature versions. 
The range expands, then, to meet a wider audience and speaks to consumers with the confidence, warmth and laid-back tone, typical of the Romans. Not only a new logo and a new pack, but an online and offline presence that will resonate, to convey the culture of good food and well-being at the table, with simplicity and authenticity.
Are you ready to discover the new packs? In the meantime, repeat with us the company's new motto: If you say Pinsa Romana, you say Di Marco!

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