Why open a pinseria: 7 good reasons, and how to do it

If you are considering starting a business in the food industry, consider the idea of a pinseria. With over 7,000 certified establishments worldwide, the pinseria business is an attractive alternative to pizza not only for consumers, but also for entrepreneurs. In this article, we will explore the reasons for this trend and try to speculate on how to set off on this journey in the right way. 


Starting any entrepreneurial activity, both in Italy and abroad, requires an accurate analysis of the competitive scenario. In Italy there are about 130 thousand establishments that have pizza in their menu, of which 76 thousand are pizzerias. Standing out is complicated, and, despite what you may think, the situation isn’t any better abroad: for example, Americans are the world's leading pizza consumers and can count on more than 90 thousand pizzerias. Opening a pinseria means acting on a very successful trend and at the same time you can count on a “native” differentiation with pizzerias. We therefore think it’s a great choice for at least 7 reasons: 
  • As we pointed out in another in-depth article, pinsa meets the needs of modern consumers, who do not compromise on taste, but at the same time demand an easily digestible, light and low-calorie product.

  • Innovation is another crucial factor (LINK articolo innovazione quando pubblicato). Although they love pizza, people are drawn by something new and unprecedented: they like to try it and, if they are satisfied, they become loyal customers. With a pinseria, it is not difficult to stand out from the 76,000 Italian pizzerias.

  • By definition, pinsa is a simple product. It works perfectly with vegetarian and vegan diets and the great trend towards sustainability.

  • Innovation releases the pinseria from tradition. In other words, you don't have to offer a pinsa margherita on the menu; instead, you can step on the throttle and follow your creativity.

  • The market has been growing steadily in recent years and is far from being saturated. 

  • Pinsa is perfect for street food. A pinseria can therefore also be itinerant. 

  • Pinsa is a worldwide phenomenon, but in several places the market penetration is minimal. The opportunity to propose something new on the other side of the world is significant.


Several features are required to start any business in the restaurant industry, including:
  • a sound business strategy; 
  • the creation of an inviting menu;
  • a venue that appeals to the target customer;
  • ability to organise work;
  • quality raw materials;
  • professionists that are capable of crafting the perfect product.
What makes the catering industry so fascinating is the possibility of combining the entrepreneurial approach and business management skills with the ability to create an exceptional product, which in turn depends on the quality of the raw materials and the ability to process them in the best possible way. The quality of the product is absolutely the starting point, followed by the quality of the experience, which involves other elements such as the location, the marketing strategy, advertising and commercial aspects.

Our advice is: don’t improvise. This is why we provide, either directly or through our partners, technical training and all-round consultancy dedicated to those who want to work in this field or start a successful pinseria. 
Concerning the product preparation, we offer comprehensive training courses in cooperation with renowned professionals and institutions of the food industry, such as Pinsa School. We can thus offer intensive 30-hour courses on the pinsa romana and the Roman-style pan pizza, held in specific, well-equipped workshops. Our training offer is essential to face the entrepreneurial adventure with determination and to stand out (qualitatively) from the competition. 

Our aim is to provide all-round guidance to new restaurant professionals. We do this with consultancy activities that go beyond specific training and in which we make our experience and the many partnerships we have established over the years available to our clients. We are thus able to provide professional support and assistance for launches, start-ups, business maximization and optimisation of the POS system, including logistical, marketing and communication activities. 

Last but not least, in 2016 we founded the Associazione Originale Pinsa Romana to bring the benefits of quality certification to the world of pinsa. Pinserie, or more generally establishments that offer pinsa on their menu, can thus obtain a quality seal by undergoing an inspection by our experts. Certifications are very useful for pinserie as they are a guarantee for customers that the product is made according to tradition.

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