Event planners and catering services: have you ever considered pinsa?

After a terrible year like 2020 and one marked by great uncertainty, from 2022 onward the events market is recovering. Data from AstraRicerche's Monitor on the events and live communication market in Italy confirm this, reporting that in 2023 the market reached €861 million, with significant increase (+27%) over the previous year.
The reasons for the recovery are many and point to a combination of factors that have contributed to the industry's comeback: 
- the desire for normality after three difficult years; 
- the need to strengthen human relations, again after the 2020/21 halt;
- the slowdown in inflation in 2023, which positively affected corporate budgets and people's ability to spend; 
- the companies’ need for networking, which only physical events can satisfy. 

Catering services, high expectations for 2024

The revival of events is a very important signal for an industry heavily affected by the pandemic. The market is complex and diverse, involving a wide range of players: in addition to organizers, there are venues and the whole macrocosm of services such as set-ups, transportation, and security. Among these, one of the pillars is catering services
Following the events industry very closely, Banqueting & Catering showed significant growth in 2023: +10% compared to 2022, exceeding 2.2 billion euros in turnover. In Italy, the industry hires more than 14 thousand permanent staff and even more employees during peak periods. 

Pinsa as an opportunity for catering services

We believe that the recovery of catering services opens up opportunities for innovation in the industry. For this reason, we believe that the time is ideal to integrate pinsa into the offer of the industry’s professionals, to enhance their competitiveness. We have identified 5 reasons that we believe are particularly valid.

Pinsa to innovate the catering menu

In the catering market, innovation is essential to stand out. There is no other way. Pinsa has what it takes because it offers a different experience from pizza, crispier and lighter. Moreover, the fact that it is not as widespread as pizza in the context of events works in its favour because it intrigues, attracts looks and then confirms, through taste, the expectations it creates. Also, it entails no risk, because it has already been successful among end consumers, and it can only be the same even in a different context than at home or in the pinseria. 

Versatility made dish

Versatility is a defining quality of pinsa and makes it an ideal option for a wide range of occasions, from formal celebrations to more informal events. While pizza might be seen as unrefined for same elegant events, pinsa is suited for extraordinary presentations and allows chefs to create gourmet options that satisfy the most discerning palates without sacrificing convenience and ease of service.
On the other hand, pinsa is also perfectly suited to more informal events such as parties, beach cocktails or small business meetings. It is so versatile because you can customise the toppings according to the preferences of the guests and the theme of the event, offering a dining experience in each case appropriate to the circumstance. 

Extremely quick preparation

Like pizza, pinsa can be prepared quickly, allowing professionals to meet the needs of their customers without compromising the quality of the dishes served. One can start with flours, or pre-cooked bases depending on circumstances, time and available tools.

Lightness and digestibility

Lightness and digestibility make pinsa ideal for events such as fairs or concerts, where participants do not want to -or cannot- be weighed down. This makes it a very attractive choice among event planners, also because lightness and digestibility are combined with a pleasant and refined taste. 

It tastes great! 

If pinsa has been so successful among consumers, it is mainly because it is delicious. We are aware of how much subjectivity there is in this statement, but it is also true that its success has been built on the balance of taste, lightness and digestibility. Then of course, it depends a lot on the toppings, but the starting point is excellent. A must try!

The prospects are interesting

The outlook for event and catering operators looks promising for 2024 and beyond. The demand for in-person experiences is very high, both in entertainment and B2B events. Despite the challenges experienced daily by professionals, there are good opportunities to stand out, and even small details can make a difference. Pinsa is one of them.

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